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Number Cake 3

(15 customer reviews)


Please specific style required when ordering

Please note all of these cakes come as standard size to feed 12 people, if you require a bigger size please email the cakery on

Please choose your flavour from the list below and at the check out in the box headed additional comments please write your flavour.

Please note it is 1 set flavour per cake – if you require a gluten free version or a vegan version please write in capitals the flavour and the sign GF – for gluten free , V – for vegan or E for egg-less

Victoria sponge with butter cream raspberry jam filling

Vanilla bean sponge with vanilla frosting

Red velvet with vanilla frosting

Red velvet with cream cheese filling

Chocolate with chocolate ganache filling

Salted caramel with salted caramel filling

Sicilian Lemon drizzle with vanilla and Sicilian lemon filling

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


15 reviews for Number Cake 3

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